The minimum for screen printing is 24 pcs. What exactly does that mean? This means that to place an order for screen printing through nepromo, the least amount you can order is 24 pcs. Now, you may be thinking this is impossible because you don't need anywhere close to 24 shirts. But wait.. you actually do. 

Mix & match. Who said your order needed to consist of only t-shirts? Throw some long sleeves, sweatshirts, assorted sizes and colors in your order! As long as the imprint area and colors are the same on all items- you're ready to rock and roll. 

Screen printing is an art. Its an art that requires attention to detail, professional knowledge, and experience. From one color to 10+ colors our team has the capability to print your brand on a quality shirt to make it not only stand out but last over time. 

screen printing

Art. Common question: "Here's a picture we sketched that we want on our t-shirts, will this work for you to print?" Answer: Yes and no. No, we can't place that exact image to put on a t-shirt. However, we can have your artwork re-drawn in an accepted file format and then have it placed on a shirt. So in the short of it, same art- different format.

We accept the following art formats:
Digital files accepted .ai, .eps, .pdf, .psd. .jpg. All art must have fonts in outlines and supplied with pms colors. If pms colors are not available we will match the digital file as close as possible. psd, and .jpg need to be at impirnt size and at least 300 dpi for best printing we will advise from there if art charges will apply.

Give them away. Yeah, you heard that right. If you don't have a retail store and you have extra shirts, give them to your target audience and current customers. But don't just hand them over- make people work for it! Host a contest on social media or ask people to sign up for your newsletter to enter their chance to win. It's not only a great way to interact with your audience but it also lets people become walking billboards for your brand!