Branding Solutions



Get the look you want for the same price! Add a "wow" factor to a one color print. Distressed filters can give your brand the look you want- without the additional cost. Choose from a variety of different distressed styles.


a few of the many decoration techniques we offer:

From over the zipper, sleeve, cuff, yoke, private label, wrap around, off the edge to around the waist band- we are able to decorate garments in a lot of unique places to make your brand stand out and look its best.

Great for performance fabrics! This stretch foil stretches with the material of performance shirts. A great way for sports teams, events, or schools to get the same great performance fabric with the bright, flashy look of the foil. 

Branding solutions are innovative ideas to assist in reaching goals with promotional items that not only increase brand awareness but reflect the values of a company. Not every promotion works for every company. That's why we take the time needed to understand the business goals and values of the companies we work with so we can find a quality product that works specifically for their needs. We will also take the time to develop specific programs to meet goals of a company. Whether the goal is to increase number of attendance to an event, announce a product release, gain new customers, or engage employees more, we have a solution for it! 

Customer thank you gifts are a fantastic way to show appreciation for the people who keep businesses up and running. Customers are the most valuable assets of a company so why not show them a little appreciation? A promotional item is the perfect gift because it serves as a very useful item for people to re-use on more than one occasion. 

Employee incentive programs are a great way to push employees to meet deadlines and goals set out for them. Incentive programs are fun and a great way to engage employees and promote a healthy company culture. From custom corn-hole games to gift sets and more we have a wide range of items to get your employee incentive program up and running. 

Giveaways are great for any event or just to have on hand to give people. Everyone loves free stuff, and giveaways are perfect to attract people to an event or increase brand awareness.

Stretch Foil